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Since its establishment, it has developed turn-key projects from home furniture to office furniture and garden furniture, and has increased its quality and production by developing day by day.

By bringing technology together with the furniture industry with its dynamic, experienced, customer satisfaction-oriented and expert staff, customer satisfaction is adopted as an unchangeable condition with the strong body structure of all the furniture we sell, innovative designs, skilled and experienced workmanship, long-lasting and customer representative support in foreign languages.

MUSSAN FURNITURE, which offers quality, designs, hundreds of products and detailed solutions for projects, continues to grow in Turkey and in the world by offering solution partnerships in the best furniture of the world with its architectural technical staff with efficient business concentration, expert personnel working with team spirit.

With its strategic management approach, MUSSAN GROUP, which allocates a significant part of its annual turnover to research and development activities, with its brand that grows with hundreds of employees, suppliers, dealers and customers and represents a strong Turkish company in international platforms, without compromising the principle of openness and transparency, It continues to grow by creating added value for the company and is preferred by thousands of workplaces with its products.

Your Solution Partner
  •  We are at your side with office, home and garden furniture sales and technical support at home and abroad.
  • We are always ready with our experienced Turkish, English, Arabic, French, Russian and Georgian sales representatives before and after sales.
Our Mission

As the leading Furniture Manufacturer in the sector, with the efforts of its engineers and qualified personnel, it maintains its high quality and affordable production philosophy that fully meets customer expectations, and constantly renews and develops itself and its products with its knowledge and experience.

Our Vision

Mussan Furniture realizes its aim of identifying and meeting the needs of its customers by offering customizable solutions. With its concrete block production facilities suitable for every capacity and need, it ensures the most efficient use of investments. Providing service in more than twenty countries, Mussan Furniture’s goal is to make its name known in the world with its products and services that go beyond the expectations of its customers.