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Can I buy products individually? Or do I have to buy as a Set?

You can buy our products as a set or individually.

How long does the delivery take?

Although our delivery times vary periodically, it is 30 working days for home furniture group products, 35 working days for business furniture group and 21 working days for garden furniture.

Do you ship the product after purchasing?

Since our products are sold both domestically and abroad, they are factory-delivered in order to avoid confusion.

Do Your Prices Include Shipping?

Our prices are Ex Works (EXW) delivered from our factory.

Which product groups do you produce?

We produce all home furniture group, all office and school furniture group and garden furniture group.

Can I Order without coming to Turkey?

You can order the model or special design you want without coming to our factory with peace of mind.

How Can I Order?

You can start the ordering process by paying 40% of the price of the furniture you have chosen. In order to have mutual trust, we mutually sign contracts that defend both sides. If requested, these contracts can also be notarized.

I made the payment, what should I do now?

You can send the bank receipt via WhatsApp to your customer representative who has contacted and helped you. In the following days, when the transfer takes place, our customer representative will inform you about the production stages and other