Brides who aim to decorate a new house by entering the world home want their furniture to reflect both their style and personality and to be appreciated by their guests. Choosing furniture according to style is one of the suggestions that can meet this desire of brides who decorate their homes according to their wishes in order to start their new lives with peace and happiness. In addition to establishing a house that reflects style and taste, the important point for new brides should be to decorate in line with their needs. In the case of living room decoration, ensuring color harmony should become the priority criterion in the bride’s homes. Brides should pay attention to the forefront of aesthetics in the guest areas of the houses, such as the living room. In order to achieve a visually holistic elegance, furniture with high aesthetics and complementary accessories must be used correctly.

Make a Decoration Plan According to Your Style and Taste

Our first advice for new brides will be to determine what style they want to reflect in all areas of the house, especially in the salons. Determining the style is the main criterion for building a house from scratch. In addition to contemporary or classical styles, it is possible to decorate your living rooms in many different styles such as country, vintage, ethnic and romantic. The trending styles among brides in recent years are usually minimal and modern style furniture with retro inspirations and symbolizing nature.

Pay Attention to Color Matching

Today, brides prefer pastel tones with the trend colors of the year in their salons. These tones are ideal for creating a mostly minimal decoration. Heavy and dark colors are generally preferred by brides who aim to decorate based on the classical style. The combination of contrasting colors in the modern style has become a very common phenomenon in new bridal houses.

Although the choice of color is determined by the style, it is of great importance for new brides to achieve the desired color harmony. It is possible to create this harmony in your living rooms by using different tones of the same color. At the same time, you can consider a single color as a background and use the furniture containing this color in your living rooms.

Capture a Holistic Aesthetic

Saloons, as places where guests are hosted, are areas that should be aesthetically perfect, especially for new brides. In order to reflect their aesthetic understanding to their homes and especially to your living rooms, our recommendation to brides is that the accessories and decorative products to be used in decoration should also harmonize with large pieces and serve the total appearance, as well as the harmony of furniture with each other. These decorative products can be lamps, lampshades, trinkets, frames, plants and paintings. The selection of accessories should also be made according to the style. For example, the best decorative products to be used in minimalist and modern styles are plants. The liveliness of these plants is the feature sought in country style. Complementing the aesthetics by harmonizing with classical and luxury furniture is mostly provided by lamps. Frames and trinkets, on the other hand, are products suitable for all styles and are the key to a holistic elegance.

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