How to Clean Furnıture Stains?

How  to Clean Furnıture Stains?

How to Clean Furniture Stains? Various unwanted stains may occur on our furniture, which we frequently use in our daily lives. We are exposed to such stains in our living rooms, living room and bedroom furniture. Although it may seem difficult to remove furniture stains, there are some natural methods. Let’s examine it together.

How to Clean Furniture Stains?

As a result of continuous use on our furniture, some stains may occur unintentionally. These stains can be quite annoying. It is important to know the type of stain so that we can clean the stains on the furniture. If we give an example of furniture stains;

Tea Stain

● You can clean it using baking soda.

● If the furniture fabric is colored and the stain has already occurred, you can clean it using glycine water.

Ink Smear

● If the stain is newly formed, you can wipe the stained area by adding lemon juice to the hot water.

Blood stain

● If your furniture is white and blood stained, you can wipe it with white soapy water.

● If the fabric of your furniture is colored, you can clean it with glycerine water.

Oil Stains

● You should pour some salt on the stained area of ​​our furniture. We can prevent the oil from sinking to the bottom with salt.

● In addition, you can clean your oil stains by using vinegar water or dish soap.

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