Last Period Fashion: What ıs Montessori Furniture?

Last  Period Fashion: What ıs Montessori Furniture?

Montessori furniture, which we have heard often in recent years, is known as ideal products for the decoration of children’s rooms. This decoration, made with Montessori furniture and having a philosophical and scientific background, is completely aimed at children. In Montessori style, furniture is used that will allow children to learn and develop healthily. Children’s rooms decorated with the Montessori method from birth to the age of 18 offer very useful opportunities, especially for children aged 0 to 6 years. Children feel free and independent with Montessori furniture. This, in turn, improves children’s healthy personality and psychological development, as well as their learning abilities.

Before moving on to the features of Montessori furniture and the positive effects of decoration with these furniture on children, it is necessary to understand the concept of Montessori well. Thus, parents can choose the right furniture for their children and capture the ideal decoration in their children’s rooms.

What Does Montessori Mean?

The concept of “Montessori”, named after a scientist, Maria Montessori, is actually a pedagogical method. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first female doctor, concluded in her research on children that what children like most is to feel independent and to be able to make free choices in this direction. The Montessori method is also based on children’s independence and free choices. According to this theory, human being is willing and able to learn by nature, and learning is a skill that can be acquired and developed at an early age. But in order to learn, children need to gain experience by seeing their own experiences and mistakes and making their own decisions freely. Children need a supportive and well-prepared environment to have this learning experience. When this environment is provided, children will spontaneously take action for their own development. The Montessori method, which serves the development of every individual between the ages of 0 and 18, is applied in educational institutions in many countries of the world. This method, which has been proven by scientific research to have positive results, has found a response in the decoration of children’s rooms as in all areas of life.

What are the Features of Montessori Furniture?

Montessori decoration includes all the furniture that should be in a child’s room, such as beds, cabinets, shelves, tables and chairs. The most striking features of these furniture, also known as Montessori bedroom sets, are to open a large space for children and make them feel independent. That’s why Montessori furniture never looks crowded and each has a form and design that the child can use.

Montessori furniture, which was developed based on the views of Maria Montessori, who has proven with scientific research that children do not like disorder and multi-items together and is negatively affected by this, is simple and useful. Except for the furniture that the child needs, unnecessary details are not encountered in this style. Montessori beds are close to the ground so that children can make their own choices and act in line with these choices. The aim here is to allow the child to get in and out of the bed comfortably. The tables and chairs used in this decoration are also designed in such a way that the child can use them without assistance. In addition, cabinets and shelves are designed in such a way that children can reach. The designs of Montessori furniture are completely made up of figures that children will love. The first of these are Montessori beds in the form of cars and houses. Children’s room can be turned into a play and learning space thanks to Montessori furniture. In this direction, you can take a look at the Montessori bedroom sets of Evgör furniture, and you can make the most ideal decoration for your child with these furniture.

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