Sementa Sofa Set

Sementa Sofa Set

Sementa Sofa Set

Product features

Fabric Feature:Soft, plain, knit fabric
Fabric Care/Cleaning:It is easy to wipe and suitable for dry cleaning.
Function Feature:bedded
Mechanism Feature:The rotating mechanism can be a bed with scissors.
Sofa Bed Size:174×93 cm
Frame Material:It is produced from wood, metal, mdf, melamine chipboard, osb and hornbeam.
Session Softness:medium hard
Session Cushion Material:32 density soft sponge is used.
Leg Material:Highly durable, natural coating polyurethane
Additional information:Leg height is 18 cm. Seat height is 43 cm. Reclining cushions and throw pillows are included in the price. Reclining cushions and throw pillows are zippered. 2 middle support legs are used. Golden yellow and chrome colored wicks are used in the arm parts. Chrome and gold yellow legs are used according to the fabric color. alternatives are offered. 10% price difference is applied for product customizations, except for the colors in the images.

Product Dimensions

  Width (cm) Height(cm) Depth(cm)
 Triple 2207693
 Single 749172
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