Summer Preparation ın Kıtchen Desıgns

Summer Preparation ın Kıtchen Desıgns

One of the factors affecting decoration ideas is seasonal changes. Especially from the last days of winter and the beginning of spring, we want our spaces to keep up with the revival of nature with a sense of renewal. We would like to reflect this sense of revival in our kitchens as well as in all areas of our homes. Therefore, as we enter the summer months, you may need a guide to make small or big changes in kitchen decoration. We will give you some suggestions to guide those who renovate their kitchens and those who want to complete their kitchen designs in a way that keeps up with the summer.

Let The  Symbol of Summer Sun Rise To Your Kitchens

The first symbol of summer that comes to mind is the sun. The sun symbolizes the light. The days that get longer with the end of winter arouse the desire to create a bright atmosphere in our spaces. Kitchens have to be the brightest and lightest places in the houses. For this, you can increase the kitchen lighting while entering the summer and change the curtains you use.

It is known that light plays a major role in achieving a more spacious environment indoors. In order to feel the freshness of summer and the freshness of spring in your kitchens, you can try to use many tiny lamps embedded in the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. But the important thing here will be to choose these lamps from models that reflect daylight. Because white light creates an atmosphere that is far from natural and tires the eyes.

Another pillar of lighting in summer kitchens is to increase natural light intake. The light coming from the kitchen windows makes your spaces more spacious, wider and more heartwarming. In this direction, we recommend that you expand the light area that fills your kitchen. You can start to work to keep up with the summer in your design by removing the items in front of the windows that prevent the sunlight from spreading into your kitchen from the glass fronts. In addition, if possible, you can go to the way of enlarging your kitchen windows with a small renovation. You can also choose your curtains from thinner fabrics or use roller blinds. Another suggestion would be to attach your curtains of different styles to decorative cornices. In kitchens, you can choose curtains made of natural fabrics that are hung on cornices with large wooden circles and do not block the light much.

Natural Inspirations of Summer in Kitchen Designs

Spring and summer months make people want to turn to nature. You can use products and accessories that make you refer to nature in the home decoration to be made in these seasons. For example, your preference for kitchen tables may be among wooden models and handmade varieties. In addition, wooden chandeliers, bamboo chairs and wooden shelves will be a way to bring the natural breezes of summer into your space in kitchen design. In kitchen cabinets, retro models will be the complementary element of your decoration. In addition, handmade products and natural decorative objects can add a pleasant spring atmosphere to your kitchens. For the floor, you can choose wood-like parquets. In addition to all these touches, do not forget to make room for live plants in summer kitchens.

We recommend using the colors of nature in your kitchens to bring the summer and spring air into your home. Earth-toned kitchen tables and chairs, and yellow, green and blue kitchen cabinets will both enliven your design and create a natural atmosphere in the environment.

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