You can use some decorative products to accompany your furniture to create a more aesthetic atmosphere in your carefully furnished dining rooms and to provide a striking appearance. No matter how stylish your dining room sets are, there is a need for complementary products. In your dining rooms, you can use curtains and carpets, as well as wall accessories such as lighting, clocks, shelves, frames and paintings, especially mirrors, consoles and dressers, so that your decoration has an integrated atmosphere.

Dressers and Consoles

We need furniture pieces that serve as storage in all areas of our homes and add elegance to the environment. Especially the showcases, which are a part of classical style dining room sets, were ideal furniture for storage in the past. But lately, there are not many shop windows. Consoles and dresser models that replace showcases are frequently preferred because they take up less space and offer a more aesthetic appearance. Consoles, which have become indispensable furniture of dining rooms, are very popular because they are products with storage space. Dressers are functional and stylish products. Both of these products will make your dining rooms useful and aesthetic and complete your decoration.


As it is known, the use of mirrors creates depth in the space. The sense of depth makes the spaces appear larger and more spacious. We recommend using mirrors, especially if your dining room is small, to make the dining rooms look brighter and larger. The dimensions of the mirrors should be determined according to the dimensions of your room. Do not forget that the larger the dimensions of your mirror, the more spacious the environment will look. Also, do not forget that you will get a much better result if you choose from the dining room sets that offer consoles and mirrors together.


One of the products that will change the atmosphere of your dining rooms is lighting. For these places, you can use chandeliers, floor lamps, wall-mounted lightings and lampshades in accordance with your style. You can also choose spot lighting with embedded LED lights on the ceiling and back panels that add a modern feel to the spaces.

Wall Accessories

Apart from mirrors, there are many wall accessories that you can use in your dining rooms. At the beginning of these accessories that will add elegance to the dining rooms are photo and picture frames and wall clocks. In addition, decorative wall shelves have been frequently used in dining rooms in recent years. However, overuse of wall accessories can make the room look narrower, suffocating and small. Therefore, using one or two of these accessories would be the right choice.

Curtains and Carpets

Carpets and curtains are pieces that find their place in every room of our homes. In the selection of carpets and curtains, the main thing is the harmony with the other furniture and the general style of the room. If you are going to use curtains and carpets in dining rooms, you should definitely catch the harmony of colors and choose products that will reinforce the style.

Small Decorative Items

Small decorative products that should be in the dining room create the details that complete your decoration. For example, tablecloths and placemats and runner models are tiny accessories that are frequently used in dining rooms. While the aforementioned accessories are enough to create a simple look, if you pay attention to the details and want to make your dining room look striking with small details, you can also purchase products such as flowers, vases, gondolas, trinkets and candlesticks. Whether the decorative products you choose here are made of materials such as ceramic, silver, copper, glass, leather, bamboo or wicker is entirely up to your style, taste and wishes.

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