The primary criterion when decorating our homes is that the furniture and accessories used for decoration do not narrow the spaces or get lost in the spaces. In other words, it is important to choose a product according to the dimensions of the area to be decorated. The second thing to pay attention to is to determine the style. We strive to make the right choices in decoration in order to reflect the classical or modern style in our living spaces.

After these criteria, the most important factor is the choice of color. Choosing the right color means using colors in harmony, as well as being decisive in using contrasting colors together. In addition, the choice of color is a phenomenon that should vary depending on whether the spaces are narrow or wide. Choosing different colors for each room and each area in our homes also plays a key role in making the right decoration.

Color Selection for Living Room and Living Room Decoration

The colors that dominate the living room and living rooms are usually determined by the style of the furniture. In classical style furniture models, patterns containing red, cream color and brown tones can be chosen on a blue, green, dark blue and gray background, which are compatible with these colors. Those who want a minimalist style prefer more pastel colors, earth colors that evoke nature, and tones of green and brown in the living rooms and living rooms. In order to achieve a modern style living room or living room decoration, light colors and monochromatic dark tones are used more. The preference of those who want to add vitality to their spaces but do not give up on modern style is to use contrasting colors together. For example, if you choose a gray L armchair, you can add liveliness to your living room and living rooms with colorful cushions.

Color Selection in Kitchen and Bathroom Decoration

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most used areas in homes. Therefore, the colors used in these spaces should give both a fresh look and a feeling of cleanliness. Color selection, which is the key to making the kitchens look wide, should be made in favor of light colors in narrow kitchens. For this reason, cabinets in small kitchens should be in white, cream and beige tones. Colors such as pastel pink, pale blue and light gray can also be preferred in kitchen furniture. In large kitchens, contrasting combinations such as black-white, red-white allow you to create a different atmosphere. For bathroom decoration, it would be more appropriate to prefer earthy colors and light colors.

Color Selection in Bedroom Decoration

For those who want to furnish their bedrooms with magnificent furniture, we recommend gold leaf bedroom sets, mustard tones and white that are compatible with gold. It also suits well with suits with white gold details. If you want to create a simpler decoration in the bedrooms, you can use different shades of gray. While your carpet and curtains are in darker colors, your cabinets and bed can be in lighter tones.

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