Why Does Furniture Get Moldy?

Why Does Furniture Get Moldy?

We want to use our furniture, which we bought with material and moral effort, for a long time. However, mold and fungus are one of the biggest problems that can occur in our furniture.Molds on furniture can usually be caused by moisture and humidity. The cleaning of our furniture is extremely important to us. Moldy furniture also threatens human health. Therefore, we should pay attention to our furniture cleaning, do routine cleaning and ventilate our daily homes.

Why Does Furniture Mold?

● The environment is humid.

● No sunlight.

● Furniture left wet.

● If we do not ventilate our rooms regularly, our furniture gets moldy.

Etc. Our furniture gets moldy for reasons. We should pay attention to the cleanliness of our furniture that has mold.

How Can We Prevent Furniture Mold?

● We need to dry laundry etc. in the house.

● Our rooms should be ventilated continuously.

● Heating cores should not be blocked.

● Unnecessary items should be removed from the room.

● PVC windows should be preferred.

● Anti-mildew wall paints should be preferred.

How to Clean Moldy Furniture?

It is possible to clean our moldy furniture with natural methods. First of all, we should start cleaning by removing the mold from the moldy area. One of the most effective cleaning methods for moldy furniture is to clean it with carbonated water. We must be careful not to leave our furniture wet.

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